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Before moving into the Village At Oakwood I lived with my mother until she had to go to rehabilitation. Later they told me that she would not be able to come back home. My nephew and I continued staying in my mom’s home until she passed. I then started looking for apartment. My brother called to the Village At Oakwood and told me all about it. I then took a tour I liked it so much I felt comfortable. I prayed that God would let me move in. Then I received information saying that I could move in! I said thank you Jesus! I was by myself and no one to care for me. Everyone here at the Village At Oakwood has something special a warm touch. The staff couldn’t be any better than here. I love everyone! This place was chosen for me! This is my home! I do exercise class on Monday’s and Friday’s I enjoy doing it. I’ve became a Christian since I moved in. I like that I’m not alone I have a lot of friends to talk to, I attend church, and bible study. The staff is very caring and concerned for all of us residents. John is easy to approach and talk to about anything or issues you have. Problems get worked out no matter who you talk to. I love to give hugs to the staff. – Judith

Before moving into the Village At Oakwood I lived at a nursing home. I would certainly recommend Village At Oakwood to everyone. It is a great place to live. Everything about the Village At Oakwood is better! I enjoy the staff and socializing with all the residents that live here. This is a great place to call home. – Florence

I like that we have plenty of activities to keep us busy along with outings to keep you on the go. The food here is very good. I like that I can eat breakfast at night. I get along with all the staff and residents. I like that the staff doesn’t have an attitude with me. At my old nursing home the staff had an attitude with me and it hurt my feelings. Here I get what I want and everyone is so pleasant. I wouldn’t trade this place for nothing. Everyone is crocheted together. I say that because most people say we are knitted, but since I learned to crochet here I say we are crocheted together. – Brenda

Before moving to Village At Oakwood I lived in a nursing home for 3 years. I put myself in the nursing home. I have to say, since I moved into the Village At Oakwood everything is a lot better. The menu that they offer to order from is great. The menu has so many choices to choose from. I wasn’t able to order from a menu at the nursing home. The menu there was what they served or the alternate meal. I really love the dining room it is so beautiful. I didn’t like all the rules at the nursing home. Here at the Village At Oakwood we are free to do more. I really like having my own room and not having to share it with someone else. I like that I’m able to do my own laundry and keep my room clean. All the people here are really nice. I just love it here. – Linda

I like the surroundings here the positive aspects. Best place that I ever saw. Love all the workers attitudes they are all good to me. The waitress staff always greats me with a smile. I enjoy socializing with other residents that live here.  – Carl

I like living here and how I’m treated. Before coming to the Village At Oakwood I lived in my own house. When living on my own I had to depend on others to help assist me with showers, laundry, and cleaning my house but I couldn’t always depend on them to come. Here I get my laundry, cleaning of my apartment, and showers. I like that I do not have to cook my meals I can go into the dining room and order my food. I also like that I have central heat an air because at my house I had a wall heater which wasn’t too safe. I like that I have more room here, at my house I didn’t have as much room. – Jo

Before living at Village at Oakwood  I had lived in an apartment by myself for many year.  I had trouble meeting people.  I had very few friends.  I arrived to Village at Oakwood on November 6, 2013.  I was reluctant and really scared.
I was very ill prior to moving into Village at Oakwood and was unable to call anyone for help.  My children knew then they needed to find help for me.  My son found the Village at Oakwood.  Within a few days I was included in with the “girls” and the fun began!  I felt like I had been here for years.  We have outside and inside activities – Bible study, church service, and resident council meetings where we are able to express our feelings and get our questions answered.  The Village at Oakwood has been an answer to prayers for my children and me.  They don’t worry about me being taken care of.  If you or one of your family members are in need of a place to live, please consider the Village at Oakwood.  This will be your “Home”.   – Pat

I truly love living here as a resident of Village at Oakwood.  Due to a long illness, I lived with my granddaughter, her husband, and 10 dogs(inside the house).  After that experience my daughter moved to Oklahoma City from Boston, so I decided to live with them until my daughter asked me if I would like to check out some assisted living places.  The first one was it for me, because after seeing the Village at Oakwood I felt like I had come home.  It is wonderful and has Great Food.  I don’t have to cook, I don’t have to clean, or do laundry, and I have my own apartment.   There are lots of good people to visit and laugh with.  What more could a person want!!!  Thank you God I have a home here at Village at Oakwood.  – Ellen

I love it here at the Village at Oakwood! It has been a big impact on my life. I was currently living with my granddaughter and her husband. I did not get out except to go to a doctor’s appointment and to go to the grocery store. These were the only times I got out of the house. I have never had a driver’s license and I do not know how to drive so I was stuck at home. Here at the Village at Oakwood I am able to attend fitness, bingo and many other activities. There are so many things to do here. When I was at home I was limited and I could not do much. Everyone here is pleasant. The food is good. Here I am able to get my laundry cleaned once a week; I also get my room cleaned once a week. Before coming to Village at Oakwood I had a hard time changing my sheets to my bed at home, here housekeeping does this for me. Since living here I am more outgoing it is great! I am currently the vice president of resident council. This is just the place to be!   –  Alice

I am extremely grateful that I am in such a superior and professional living such as the Village at Oakwood.  The ownership, administration, and the staff of the Village at Oakwood are very patient oriented and reflect kindness and professionalism to all residents.  As a result of the service and care at the Village at Oakwood I have been able to achieve a very good level of health which would not have been achievable in any other facility and warrants my most sincere thanks.  – Ron

I have been here 6months now. It has really changed my life by coming here, before I was living by myself for 8years.I currently owned my own house and the house needed a lot of repairs that I was unable to do at the time. I was going to get apartment but due to money situations a friend had advised me about coming to the Village at Oakwood. It was shocking to go from alone to come in here. It has been easy to meet people here. Peoples names started to become common after couple weeks. I switch up seats to talk to other residents that I may not know. The biggest surprise was when I walked in and it was like a hotel in the lobby and there was no smell and no nursing home environment. I looked at the apartment and it was all neat, clean with neat carpet, and fresh new paint on the walls. My friends surprised me and decorated my apartment. The apartments are roomy I do not feel crammed it is like a big house convenient and comfortable. The hallways are always nice an clean. I am a active church person that attends music hall, Salvation Army, and helps with the food bank giving out food to those in need. I am able to walk without assistance. Everything here is very convent and especially the location to get to different places to eat, shop, and bank. The Village at Oakwood lets me stay active and no restrictions. I like how it offers good after hour entertainment during the weekends and during the week days. The food here is very tasty! The nursing staff is super they give me my medicine on time and make sure that I get it. Often times when I lived by myself I didn’t take my medicine properly.  I want to say that as being a man it is a great blessing to have housekeeping to do my laundry and clean my room and to a man that is something that is a true blessing I have this done once a week. I am able to do my own laundry and sometimes do still do my own laundry but to know that I have this service is truly a blessing.  The marketing director Madison told me up front all the information about the Village at Oakwood so I didn’t have any surprises. I could not have picked a better place to live. – Bobby

When I first moved into the Village at Oakwood, I was nervous and scared of the women. It is a LOT OF WOMEN!! The nursing staff treated me real good. I had fun teasing Madison, the marketing director, and other staff members. I talk to the administrator, John, and he talks and jokes back with me. My adopted daughter helped me get into the Village, because daily living started to become difficult and keeping up with my house became a lot of work. The staff at the Village helps me a lot. I can walk, but I use my electric chair to help prevent me from falling. The staff helps me with my medications, bathing, laundry and my meals. The kitchen food is good and I have many choices to choose from.  I still enjoy getting out and sometimes need to do some shopping.  Activities help out with taking me places because the Village at Oakwood offers three trips a week.  Activities runs errands, conduct shopping trips, and plan leisure events. I like it here.  – Thomas

Before coming to the Village at Oakwood I was staying at a nursing home and was limited on the things that I could do.  Now that I live here at the Village at Oakwood I am able to live normal life.  I don’t feel limited to the things that I can do.  I enjoy that I am able to teach an art class, also have art show to show off the students and my paintings.  – Frank

I love everything about the Village at Oakwood such as the activities, food, and the people that work here and live here.  I have more friends now than I have ever had before.  Village at Oakwood helps me with transportation to go and see my husband three times a week in the nursing home across town.  I would not want to live any other place.  This is home! Before living here; I would often get my medication mixed up and now that I live here the nursing staff does a great job of giving me my medication.  – Edith